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The Record-Breaking New 360° Experience Taking Over America’s Planetariums Thrills Audiences Nationwide.

Audiences across the nation are rushing to book their seats for James Hood’s Mesmerica 360! With over 500,000 tickets sold, the show has broken box office records in over 40 North American cities — the fastest-selling fulldome/planetarium music show in history.


Delivered in stunning 360° to create a unique immersive experience suitable for families and date nights alike; Mesmerica has something for everyone. The show is designed specifically to promote deep relaxation in audiences, weaving together musical soundscapes with visually-hypnotic animated 3D art curated from artists around the world. 

The inspiration of award-winning musician and composer James Hood, the show was nominated for the Producers Guild of America’s first-ever Innovation award in 2020 and in the same year, winner of the c3: Future Vision Award from the Center of Conscious Creativity which recognises an artist’s contribution to a better future through arts and media.


James Hood says of the show’s success: 

The power of immersive music and art is like no other art form, it has the ability to create unique moods and brain states, and we’re so thrilled and honored to be able to showcase this full-dome presentation in such wonderful venues.” 


The 360° projection show offers a rich audio-visual journey and as a seated show, it makes for a hugely accessible experience for all, designed to transcend time in a relaxing environment while simultaneously engaging the senses. The lush mix of soundscape and art is a combination that has audiences coming to experience it time and again with 30% of visitors having seen the show twice or more: 


“The first time was life-changing! Seeing it again will be absolutely amazing!”


“The most beautiful thing I have ever seen on that huge screen and the music and sound was magical! Thank you! I'm going back again, again and again…” - Audience feedback


“I want Mesmerica to inspire you into taking a journey with me inside the mind, to engage your senses and feelings with a miraculous alchemy of sound and light!” - James Hood


Mesmerica continues to work its magic as it opens in new cities and venues across North America. To discover the latest locations, or to learn more about the show, visit



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About James Hood
The artist behind Mesmerica is renowned as a vital and versatile musical pioneer - especially with his work on the PanART hang, a uniquely mesmeric melodic instrument known for its soothing quality and for his
collaborations with international animation artists. His lengthy and varied musical resumé includes playing drums in The Pretenders, an ongoing two-decades-plus run as the mastermind of the visionary ambient/electronica act Moodswings, and an expansive array of production and soundtrack projects.


About Mesmerica

Mesmerica is a WORLDS™ production presented by Moodswings LLC, Poseidon Music Ltd, and Vortex Immersion Media Inc.

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