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James Hood is renowned as a vital, versatile musical pioneer. His varied musical resume includes drumming with The Pretenders, over two decades (and counting) working as the mastermind of the visionary ambient/electronica act Moodswings, an expansive array of production and soundtrack projects, and the innovative creator of a series of multi-platform, immersive musical experiences.


James Hood's 2014 album Ceremony, featured the unique PanArt Hang instrument, creating a calming effect for fans of ambient artists like Brian Eno and Phillip Glass. The success of chart-topping Ceremony, described then as 'sonic incense,' led to the release of another #1 smash, Pure Ceremony, in 2015. 


In 2017, James released his third album, Mesmerica, incorporating additional fresh rhythmic textures. Through experimentation with performance, Mesmerica evolved into a 360° multi-sensory immersive experience which sold over 500,000 tickets globally to date — the fastest-selling full-dome music show in history.


By 2022, James was inspired to bring people together with a new multi-sensory experience. Beautifica became his latest smash-hit album, with an accompanying immersive experience that further expanded upon his experimentation with fresh approaches and textures - resulting in a euphoric sensory adventure being experienced nationwide today. 


Turn off your mind and breathe, relax, and float downstream as you enter the unique worlds of James Hood's stunning musical journeys.

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