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English Translation



[And different voices throughout speaking select words in foreign languages.] 

JAMES: Beautifica... is a celebration of life. 

We all share the miracle of life... We share the air. We share the planet. We share our history... future, experiences. 

We have families, friends, feelings.
 We have troubles, worries... And never enough time. 

We experience life through our bodies. And our bodies are home to our hearts, our minds, our feelings, awareness, imagination, our very breath... Our whole human being. 

In modern times we have elevated the importance of our thoughts. But thoughts are not all that we are. We are so much more... More profound, more powerful, more miraculous, more undiscovered, more unconscious, more unknown. 

My name is James Hood, and I have composed Beautifica as a journey into the magical depths of our being. 


I would like to invite you to join me on this adventure. You can’t do it wrong. None of us know where we are going. But we all know how to get there. 

Come celebrate the Beautifica of being alive! 

JAMES: Breathe. Feel. Fly. 


JAMES: Let yourself feel... love. 


JAMES: Peace. 


JAMES: We are floating in the space of our subconscious. Diving into the heart of our place in the universe. The meaning of your life. 


JAMES: It is through giving thanks that we experience the beauty of existence. 

Dive into thankfulness for yourself, for your family, your loved ones, your planet, your life. 

Feel the waves of gratitude as they fill your body with beauty and light. 


JAMES: We are alive with energy. Filled with vitality. Dancing with life. Feel your heart beat, your blood flow, your lungs swell, your synapses snap. Dance. Let’s dance. 


JAMES: Kindness... Human kindness... Simple kindness. Be kind. 


It is always the bravest, the most generous, the most heroic move you can make. 


JAMES: It is not always easy to choose goodness. It can take courage. But we are all heroes at heart. 


JAMES: So I hope you go from here filled with the great joy of being alive. Overflowing with love, beauty, kindness, confidence, gratitude, vitality and belief in yourself. 

I wish you love, luck and great joy on your journey. 


Be kind. Be a hero. Be happy. Be proud and confident in yourself and your place in the universe. You are miraculous. Be full of beauty and laughter, dance and joy....


And always celebrate the great joy of being alive! 



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