Previous Mesmerica 360 attendees have said...

"A wonderful journey of sounds and sights that were mesmerizing and took me away from the present into the land of hope and possibility."

     - Carole M, Mesmerica San Diego

"I had no idea what to expect and was blown away. I had a peace afterwards I couldn’t explain... We were mesmerized." 

     - Cynthia J, Mesmerica Oakland

"...I thought it was amazing. The images were other-worldly and beautiful.  I lost track of time and place for most of the show. I'm definitely going again and taking a friend."

     - Jeff P, Mesmerica Denver

"Incredible show, I went twice and bringing friends the next time... it will touch your heart and soul."

     - Gloria S, Mesmerica Columbus

"Loved the show...  left feeling peaceful, not worried about anything that I usually ruminate over...  I want more!!!"

     - Cindy B, Mesmerica Denton

"It was an amazing experience that took me to a world beyond my self"

     - Barbara K, Mesmerica Oakland

"I loved the show. I found myself smiling uncontrollably... just made me feel happy."

     - Linda V, Mesmerica Richmond

"I took my 6 year old grandson... he loved it so much. Watching him try to reach for the lights coming at him made my day...  Thank you for the experience."

     - Anna H, Mesmerica San Diego

"Awesome show. Second time this year viewing it. Definitely recommend it to my friends."

     - Richard P, Mesmerica Edmonton

"Saw Mesmerica last night in boulder at the fiske planetarium. I loved it!!! It was amazing. The music, the visuals, EVERYTHING."

     - Domina E, Mesmerica Boulder