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We are pre-selling ticket vouchers for when we reopen.

Pre-purchasing ticket vouchers now gives you multiple benefits:

• 1/3 off the regular ticket price

• Priority access to show booking up to 24 hours before general sale

(existing tickets for postponed shows will be reallocated prior to this)

• 1/3 of the ticket price will go to the World Health Organisation’s Covid-19 Response fund

In addition you will receive free Instant downloads of:

‘Mesmerica’ double album in two different formats.

‘Sonic Incense’ - an hour-long gentle Hang performance by James Hood designed to fill your home with relaxing ‘aural perfume’ (mp3 format)

*Please Note* Unfortunately we can't currently redeem vouchers for venues outside of the U.S. Ticket vouchers are non-refundable

Experience the magic of this unique 360 degree immersive art and music show in a venue near you.

Previous visitors to Mesmerica 360:

"An amazing experience that I will never forget"

"Left me speechless...

I've seen Mesmerica twice now [it] makes me feel full of love and life,

optimism and relief. "

"Brought me to blissful tears..."


"The first time was life-changing! Seeing it again will be absolutely amazing!"


About the show

Mesmerica 360 is a fully immersive music and art cinematic projection show for planetariums and giant screen theaters by visionary musician James Hood, currently selling out in theatres across the United States.  The show features 360 projections and stunning 7.1 surround sound.

Mesmerica Live! is a rare live variant of the show in which James Hood himself performs live on the PanArt Hangpan (currently only at the Vortex Dome in Los Angeles).