Coming off of the success of his two number 1 World Music albums (Ceremony and Pure Ceremony),


James Hood now completes his hang drum trilogy with his new album, MESMERICA.


We live in a world of accelerated change and sensory overload that requires one to go inward and connect with a place of profound silence.     Welcome to the illuminated world of MESMERICA… a musical journey that will take you deep into the beautiful space that is your higher self.

Accompanying the release of the new album this fall will be the premiere performances of MESMERICA LIVE, a stunning fully immersive audio/visual Dome show with initial performances in Los Angeles this fall preceding a world tour of domes and planetariums, along with festival and intimate solo performances.


MESMERICA.  A beautiful place of love and light, where gratitude is the key and wisdom the reward.


Sit back and breath.  The journey is about to begin.  

Mesmerica Live is currently in development. See a glimpse of one of James' previous Fulldome immersive shows here

Watch a private preview of 'Tapestry' from Mesmerica below.